VU 4 Hot News Report

Oct 02, 2019

At the same time, our "Sneak Peek" will let you know a series of highlights ahead:
1. Pilots of Global Strategy: Founder Dallin Larsen, and Dan Zhu, Co-founder and Asia Pacific President, will take the lead on the stage to unveil the winning strategy and the cultural vision of Vasayo.
2. Pilot of Smart Technology: Tracy Gibbs, Chief Scientific Advisor, will analyze the key points of the liposome delivery technology, and bring the "Vasayo Liposome Skincare Product Series" first released in the world.
3. Elites Presentation: Shelley Ke, the world’s first Imperial Black Diamond, will attend the event personally, together with the leaders of White Diamond and above. They will share their keys to becoming a winner in the business.
4. Super Success Training: Mr. Lin Weixian, “Asia’s Top Ten Corporate Trainer” and “Top Ten Chinese Trainers” has been invited to this event, bringing you the world-class training.
The unique advantages of its products come from advanced technology. Vasayo is the very first company in the industry to have applied liposome technology to nutritional supplements. It has become a global leading brand. At the Vasayo University in November, it will launch a series of ultra-smart liposomal skincare products. They will help all the brand partners to make energetic breakthroughs, develop their business extremely fast, and build their winning teams. In this rewarding season, please share with us the gratitude and joy.